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  • Book Proposals and Publishing Industry Advice
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  • Campaign Stump Speeches
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As a successful leader, you have a vision – but you don’t have all day to sit at the keyboard and put that vision into words. 

That’s where we come in.  

We help you tell your story.  Our experienced writers work closely with you to express your vision, in your voice.

We offer compelling research … creative thinking … and complete confidentiality.

  We can help you prepare what you will say at the witness table when you testify before Congress.
  We can help you light up a college campus with a winning lecture or commencement address.
  We can craft winning opinion articles that move people to action and help you alter the public debate.
  We can help you rise to the moment when presenting an award – or receiving one.
  We can help you stand out from the crowd at a business conference and make you the talk of the trade show.

We can prepare your book proposal, draft your manuscript, and help get you published – so you can share your story with the world.

  We can help you rally people to support a noble cause, with stories that will move hearts and open wallets.
  We can help you in your race for public office with a winning stump speech and memorable lines for your debate.
  We can help you prepare for TV and radio interviews with clever research and powerful talking points.
  We can help you project stability in times of crisis, challenge, and uncertainty.

Whatever your writing needs, we have the words you need. 


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